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A ask "Buying gadget online safe or not?"

Posted by Dunia Terkini on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is very difficult to trust the Web World which is currently gaining enormous popularity in a short period of time. The entire world is at present addicted towards this new and growing trend. 

It is getting easier for the people to believe in the Web and majority of them have an experience of getting better deals over the internet. 

But, when it comes to buying of the latest gadgets, the people needs to be more cautious and wise. Nowadays, gadgets and electronics like laptops, mobile phones, tablets; smart Televisions, etc. have become a very important part of our everyday life.

These gadgets and electronics are very expensive, as well. Therefore, you need to be very careful while selecting the best gadget with maximum features, so that you may use it for a longer period of time.

If one is planning to buy these gadgets via the internet, then it is best to look for a site that provides us with the finest possible offers. At times, we feel that we are saving a lot of money as discounts offered by the sites but in reality you need to compare the complete cost of the shopping. By complete cost, we mean that the cost of product along with the shipping charges and any other additional fees, if required. Hence, one must always start with, looking for the best online shopping services providing websites. Always to go the stores which are known for providing reliable and 100 per cent guaranteed products. Then, look for the deals offered by the different selected websites. It is very important to plan your budget before you start looking for the deals. Always look for the deals that can provide you with the best gadget in minimum possible rate. It is very important to compare all the deals provided by different websites, in order to find the best one for yourself.

After selecting the best deals then look for the contact Email ID and Contact number of the company. It is very important to stay in touch with the company as it will help you in tracking your orders. Online shopping is not at all, a difficult task. The person who has the basic knowledge of operating the computer systems can easily place an order. All you need to do is to click on the “Buy Now” button and fill the required details such as billing address, shipping address and credit or debit card detail. Today, many renowned online stores are even offering “Try and Buy “offers, in which you can order your favourite gadget and check it out. If you are not comfortable with you choice, then you can even return it back to the seller, from the comfort of your home.

You can even enhance your online gadget shopping experience with tigerdirect coupon. These coupons are exclusively designed to render you with money saving benefits. With tigerdirect coupon 10%, you can easily save a lot of money of any of the selected electronic items. Hence, online shopping of gadgets is absolutely safe and lucrative, if you do it in the right way and from the right place.
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How to repairs Errors on Registry

Posted by Dunia Terkini

Computers setting- During this time, people are more dominating influence on our computer problems.  In this case, looking into them to see what they are all about is a must to get the outcome expected from everything we work on and put ourselves into.

Learning how to fix registry errors is as well, something we really should keep an eye on, especially because you do not know when it may happen and how long it may take. So, knowing something new and being a step ahead of a problem is surely not a bad thing! In this case, make sure you stick with us and keep reading to get a better understanding of the tips and tricks we have prepared for you to learn how to fix registry errors by your own!

One of the first and most important things you should have in your mind is undoubtedly finding something that can do this for you, such as registry cleaners that are nowadays found all over the internet. Those are made specifically to fulfill you this task, so that a major part of the problem is already done! Still, if you are searching through Google some really good ways to fulfill that, you will not quite find what you need just what to buy! But there are so many modalities to do it without having to spend a cent, so make sure you stick with us and keep reading the following lines if you wish to know how it can be done!

If you are looking to spot one totally free registry cleaner, you should definitely go for the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. It is known for giving you the outcome expected in a blink of an eye, yet if you are looking for legitimate free registry cleaners, make sure to look for the best from the field – you will definitely find the one that perfect suits your wishes, the only drawback is that it will cover your computer for a limited period of time.

These being said, whether you are looking for learning how to fix registry errors or just wondering what is there to be known from the internet and computer background, make sure to get them both at their perfect sense – it is totally easy and really fast, since there are not new information just programs to let you know how they work when they are already installed onto your computer!
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Cloud Accounting Software - An Opportunity To Boost Productivity And Profit

Posted by Dunia Terkini on Monday, April 15, 2013

By 2011, almost a third of the working population were relying on mobile communications to do their job, so imagine what it’s like now in 2013! There’s no doubt that the popularity of mobile and flexible working are increasing. This makes it even more critical to make sure that employees who spend time out of the office or even work from home can still gain easy access to financial information through cloud accounting software. The data is hosted elsewhere in a very secure server and can be accessed by logging in through a browser.

So what are the benefits of cloud accounting?

1. 24/7 access to real-time financial information
Senior management and/or budget holders can quickly access the latest figures anytime, anywhere. This would be great for project managers, for example, who need to keep an eye on costs wherever they are.

2. Faster quotes
The field sales team can compile quotes or access price lists without having to return to the office. They could even use their smartphone or tablets for truly remote access.

3. Quicker and more accurate billing
Remote workers can enter their expenses or time sheets online, so that invoices can be prepared sooner and include ALL costs.

4. Better customer service
Because all quotes and invoices are now accurate and done as quick as a flash, your customers will be really pleased with your responsiveness.

5. Lower office costs
With remote working, companies can save heaps of costs for space and still ensure that both finance and non-finance staff can access all the accounting data or documentation they need to do their job

6. Take advantage of virtual Finance Directors
Many companies might not find it cost-effective to have a full time Financial Director, but cloud based accounting software means that you’ve now got a really flexible solution. You could employ an FD on a part-time basis who is able to work remotely and still have access to all the information they need.

Sounds great! What else can I do with cloud accounting?
True mobile working will mean your remote staff will be able to access all the information they need, as easily as if they were actually in the office. Hosting your data in the cloud is vital for this, so as long as you have a strong broadband connection you’ll be up and away. But, there are a couple of other things you could have a think about.

1. Automated e-mail alerts
With people working in various locations, email alerts can be handy to remind you about things such as approving purchase orders or invoices.

2. Paperless accounting
This is key, because you can’t access your office’s hard copy documents while sat at home! This can be the biggest barrier to remote working. So what’s the answer? Simply scan any paper documents and file it efficiently within the accounting system.

3. Devolved accounting
By devolving some key finance tasks such as creating POs and managing budgets, you can save considerable man-hours in re-keying information. You can give greater power to non-finance staff via on-line access, they can help themselves to information.

4. Automated, custom reports
Many finance departments still spend hours collating and printing out reports for numerous people. Electronic, scheduled reports can be emailed, so even remote workers can read them wherever they are.

5. A portal-based system
Working on the go usually means you’re busy, and will need quick and easy access to the information you need. Why not have personalised views of financial performance? Things like task lists, reminders and sales forecasts could be seen at a glance, giving you an instant overview that is accurate and updated in real-time.
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Smadav 3013 has release

Posted by Dunia Terkini on Monday, March 18, 2013

Smadav is the best indonesian anti virus. Ina this year, smadave has been release with adding menu:

SmadAV 2013 Rev. 9.2: Addition of a new virus database 229, Support for Windows 8 (Smadav can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/8), change the display, and so on.

SmadAV 2012 Rev. 9.1: Addition of a new virus database 552, Cleaning specific to some viruses are widespread in Indonesia, and so on.

SmadAV 2012 Rev. 9.0: Addition of a new virus database 860, Completion SmadAV heuristic detection methods, and so on.

SmadAV 2012 Rev. 8.9: Addition of a new virus database 650, Completion of the database structure and engine Smadav, Completion heuristic techniques and detection of autorun.inf to auto-scan flash, RTP start-up faster, etc..

SmadAV 2011 Rev. 8.8: Addition of a new virus database 150, Completion of auto-scan flash (more accurate and interactive), Completion of the features that already exist (scanning the registry, setting two new, one-Virus-By-User, etc..)

SmadAV 2011 Rev. 8.7: Addition of a new virus database 100, a new detection technique (FFD): the total for the prevention of virus from USB stick, english feature can now be used in SmadAV Free, Changes in the structure of settings, and so on.

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How to repair Troubleshooting on Motherboard

Posted by Dunia Terkini on Sunday, December 23, 2012

To locate or determine the type of damage that is PC required inspection of the condition of the computer hardware. These checks include: POST (Power-On Self-Test), general diagnosis (routine), and finding and solving damage diagnosis. From the results of this examination will be found the site of damage and the type of damaged components to then be repair to the damaged part. 

1. Motherboard Troubleshootinga 
2. The problems that may occur  

The computer system consists of a motherboard, daughter boards, power supply, floppy drives, monitor, keyboard, and some equipment connected via the connector and cable. The problem in the equipment will affect the operation of other equipment and sometimes interfere with the operating system. The following checks will help solve the problem. 

¬ Check the cable connection and the main power supply voltage DC wiring. 

¬ Check the keyboard cable connection. 

¬ Check the monitor cable connection and the monitor power cable.  

¬ Check CMOS configuration settings  

¬ Check the connection of the power cable and data cable drive.

¬ Check all daughter board or card that is installed in slot I / O  

¬ Check the connection of the reset switch  

¬ Check the position of the keyboard 

¬ Check all IC attached ¬ Check the boot disk in drive A 
¬ Check the speaker connection 

After all the checks done, turn on the power switch and look for POST error messages. From the POST message problem can be localized and repaired. When the POST does not work, then the problem occurs on the motherboard and circuit therein. By checking the signal on the slot I / O problem of damage to the motherboard can be identified because all signals are connected to the CPU slot 

I / O. b) Procedure Diagnosis and Troubleshooting 

(1) Check 1. Power Supply 

Check the voltage level of the power supply in the slot I / O Diagnosis 

¬ Is the main card plugged in?  
¬ Is the power supply fan spinning? 
¬ Is the connection P8 and P9 is connected properly? 

If the voltage level on the pin no connection P8 and P9 power supply, then the problem is in power supply circuit. Fix it by replacing the power supply with a new power supply.  

(2) Check 2. Clock signal  

Measure signal CLK, OSC, PCLK, RESET DRV, I / O CH rdy, I / O CH CHK pin slot on the I / O using a logic probe or osiloskope.

¬ If no signal CLK, OSC, PCLK, check the crystal and clock generator circuit.

¬ If RESET DRV always high, check the power good signal, the circuit power on reset and manual reset switch conditions.

¬ If no signal I / O CH rdy and I / O CH CHK off and check all the daughter boards. If the problem persists, the problem is on the motherboard and place settings. How to repair is replace the motherboard with a new motherboard.  

 (3) Check 3. CPU and DMA  

Check signal ALE, MEMR, MEMW, IOR, IOW, AEN using logic probe or osiloskope. 


¬ If no signal CLK, OSC, PCLK, check the crystal and clock generator circuit. 

¬ If RESET DRV always high, check the power good signal, the circuit power on reset and manual reset switch conditions. 

¬ If no signal I / O CH rdy and I / O CH CHK off and check all the daughter boards. If the problem persists, the problem is on the motherboard and place settings. How to repair is replace the motherboard with a new motherboard.  

(3) Check 3.  CPU and DMA 

Check signal ALE, MEMR, MEMW, IOR, IOW, AEN using logic probe or osiloskope.

¬ If the signal ALE, MEMR, MEMW, IOR, IOW not a pulse, check the CPU motherboard  

¬ If the signal AEN no pulse, check the DMA. How to repair is replace the motherboard with a new motherboard. 

Check 4. Check Keyboard  

¬ Check signal KBCLK, KBDATA on keyboard  

¬ Reset the system and press a key on the keyboard checks the keyboard data signal on line 


If KBCLK and KBDATA any of the keyboard there is damage to the motherboard line. How to repair is replace the motherboard with a new motherboard. If KBCLK and KBDATA no damage from the keyboard on the keyboard. 

Damage to the PC consists of an internal (motherboard and the components that are inside / system board) and external (power supply, keyboard, mouse, disk drives, hard drives, and peripherals support). 

Damage caused by a common lack of good connections / relationships between peripherals to the motherboard. 

The first step that must be taken to improve the PC is to check the connection / peripheral connection to the motherboard and power supply. 

Repair PC motherboard is done by repairing or replacing parts / components are damaged. Replacement components must conform to its specifications.     

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