Friday, December 21, 2012

Benefits of checking a useful system to determine the performance of the system. While the application setup system serves as a means of customization by the user, so the look and performance of the system in accordance with the wishes of its users. In Windows XP, the checking is often done checking drive capacity and error checking on certain drives. The setting in Windows XP Themes include the setting.

This Step:
checking the system
1) Checking the capacity of the drive:
Steps checking drive capacity:
a) Open My Computer, highlight the selected drive.
b) Right-click, and select Properties.
In addition to known capacity drives, also known parts used and the unused portion.

2) Error-checking
Error-checking function on a drive to check there tiudaknya irregularities in the performance of the system, to prevent damage. The steps are:
a) Open My Computer, highlight the selected drive, eg C.
b) Right-click, and select Properties
c) Click Tools, and then click Check Now ..., the display appears as Figure 37. below.

Conclusion of How to Setup and Testing Applications on the Computer
Checking the operating system is done regularly useful to know the symptoms and the performance of the operating system being used.
Setting a system aiming to adapt the system to each user's wishes.