Friday, December 21, 2012

Firts, find a type of keyboard. Because it's importance to search solution. Each key on the keyboard IBM stated with four identifiers:

· The characters are shown on the surface of the lock cover
· Character code of each character key cover
· The key code readability
· Key Figures decimal places

Why a the key of keyboard disturbed?

Many reason, which is:
· Stuffy dirt
· A weak or switch plate
· Path breaking
· Damage to chips that are inside

To overcome this, the keyboard needs to be treated by means of:
1) prevent the entry of dirt and animals to the keyboard
2) provide sufficient air circulation at the keyboard
If interference occurs, then the steps to be done, namely:
1) removed the key
2) clean all the dirt in it
3) fix a plate key or impaired
4) close the back cover of the key as the original

troubleshooting Keyboard
Checking the general functions of the keyboard are:
¬ Check the switch XT / AT (switch must be in position for connection to the system AT AT)
¬ Check the keyboard keys on the front panel of the system is in a state of open
¬ Check the keyboard cable connection and is well connected to the system board. A poor connection will cause problems.
¬ Check the LED flash on the keyboard during power on if flashing
Possible Damage
1) The keyboard is not fully operational
2) Some of the keys do not work
3) The key is damaged or stressed
4) Damage to keyboard interface
5) Damage keyboard connector
6) Damage to the keyboard cable

Procedure and troubleshooting
1) Damage to the microcontroller keyboard keyboard, keyboard soldiran passive components in dry, broken lines on the keyboard PCB. Or it can also be caused by a series of interfaces in the system unit is damaged. To isolate the area of damage can easily be done by connecting a good keyboard to the system unit, if the problem goes away then the damage to the keyboard and if not then the damage to the interface circuit in the system unit.
2) The series of logic pendekode rows or columns in a keyboard or broken PCB track or soldiran dry or loose contact. This problem can be solved by replacing the keyboard is good.
3) Pir switch broke or depressed. For that needs to be replaced.
4) keyboard to the motherboard chipset. For this switch IC chipset (SMD IC) or replace the motherboard is good.
5) Damage caused by breaking interested or frequency of use. For that replace the keyboard connector.
6) Cable broken keyboard is checked by using a multimeter, then spliced​​.

Use Diagnostic Software
To test the function of the keyboard to use the software checkit, QA plus, PC tools and utilities Norton. Facilities provided in this software is checking pressed buttons or keyboard keys.

Conclusion Tricks to repair troubleshooting on keyboard
1) Damage to the keyboard is shown with a 30x code or error message on the keyboard POST.
2) Damage caused by the keyboard in general dirt and electronic components on board keyboard.
3) The initial steps to be taken to improve the keyboard is dust / dirt, check the connection / connection's to the motherboard and all the keys work.
4) Improved keyboard on a PC is done by replacing the keyboard with a new one when the damage is on the board broken keyboard.